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inpage provimi CAN logo You need specialty products to help take your business to the next level. Over nearly 90 years, our Provimi brand has built a reputation for diverse products and services that can make an impact. Founded in 1927 near Rotterdam in The Netherlands, the Provimi story has grown to include more than 16,000 employees around the world. The company joined the Cargill family of businesses in 2011.

Today, the Provimi portfolio taps into Cargill’s global network for innovative research, technical knowledge and software expertise to create feed solutions for all species, including ruminants, poultry and swine. With premixes, additives and specialties such as piglet feeds and milk replacers, Provimi offers customized options to meet the needs of any operation. This is backed up by Cargill’s expertise in compound feed, supply chains and risk management that all work together to create value for you.

The Provimi advantage is a wealth of knowledge of animal nutrition needs, industry trends, market knowledge and customer insight, which provides benefits such as:

  • The best information available about animal performance, based on our premier research capabilities and hundreds of animal nutrition scientists who know how different species respond to various nutrients.
  • A network that spans 40 countries and draws on global capabilities while sitting close to your business and market.
  • Industry-leading ingredient sourcing, supply chain management, manufacturing capabilities and safety practices.
  • Risk management services to help you guard against the unknown.

Custom feeding solutions

Factors such as harvest conditions, storage, and processing can greatly impact the nutrient levels and digestibility of feed ingredients, yet you need exact nutritional values for your animals to ensure maximum performance and profitability. We combine practical knowledge with scientific precision to ensure that our solutions meet your animals’ exact nutritional needs through our Provimi premixes, basemixes and concentrates.

Our range of additives includes both multi-species lines and dedicated species solutions:

  • Notox™, a range of solutions (both feeding programs and a unique online risk management tool, Notox™ Online, that leverages the world’s largest mycotoxin contamination pattern database) to support animal performance under mycotoxins challenge conditions.
  • Intella™, a portfolio of dedicated, sustainable solutions that support healthy poultry performance by improving the bird’s gut functionalities.
  • Cinergy, a range of gut health solutions for swine, specifically selected for their targeted mode of action, which ultimately improves the animal performance.
  • Proviox™ products are made of specific natural antioxidants blends that support performance of the animals throughout their whole lifecycle, especially during challenging production phases (reproduction, weaning, transportation, etc).
  • Amaferm™, a European authorized zootechnical feed additive that stimulates the digestion of fiber, for increased VFA and microbial protein production in the rumen, by enhancement of fungal growth in the rumen
  • I.C.E™, a nutritional solution that helps animals maintain their hydration status in high temperatures conditions.