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Why Cargill

Grow in your career and beyond

Joining our team, it can feel like the opportunities are endless. Our diverse businesses span a wide range of industries, geographies and disciplines. No matter what you want to achieve, at Cargill you can find the way to pursue it.

Cargill’s goals and environment enhance, enable and support your ambitions and expectations. Together, they create the responsible, ethically led business that Cargill is today. Learn more about what makes us who we are and how those attributes can offer you opportunities and experiences to contribute and grow – both personally and professionally.

Our Global Reach

Because of our worldwide reach, you’re able to develop far-reaching influence and make global connections with other Cargill employees

While not everyone in Cargill has global responsibilities, we all have global influence because the ideas, products and services that we share and deliver locally touch lives in every corner of the world. That’s why we foster a culture that celebrates differences in our employees, suppliers and our communities.

As we continue to expand worldwide, our differences – from our culture and work habits to communication style and personal preferences – are becoming even more essential to our business strategy. Your unique talents, perspectives and life experiences are critical to our success.

Ethics and Values

The way we succeed is as important to us as success itself

We all share a caring approach and a sense of respect and responsibility. Our values are a differentiator, are part of our history and are ingrained in our corporate philosophy.

Guiding Principles

The Cargill Guiding Principles are the foundation of our vision, and articulate our shared ethical values and expectations. In short, below are the principles that make up our code of conduct.

  • We obey the law.
  • We conduct our business with integrity.
  • We keep accurate and honest records.
  • We honor our business obligations.
  • We treat people with dignity and respect.
  • We protect Cargill’s information, assets and interests.
  • We are committed to being a responsible global citizen.

Personal Development

Personal growth through the development of new skills, knowledge and abilities is imperative to Cargill's success

We will provide you with the tools, opportunities, and a culture that values and supports employee growth. Making the most of opportunities, however, begins with owning your responsibility for the strength of your network and development plan.

Our approach

  • Our employees are responsible for their own learning, career, and demonstrating the behaviors that deliver high-performance results.
  • Our managers are responsible for providing candid feedback to employees regarding performance and business and development opportunities, contributing a broader perspective, and playing a supporting role.
  • Our organization – in partnership with employees – provides the trust, freedom and responsibility for individuals to thrive and flourish.

Development opportunities

Development opportunities range from formal classroom training and e-learning to coaching, on-the-job training and participation in employee resource groups. Below is an overview:

  • E-Learning: Our employees have access to an internal online repository of training opportunities. Courses include communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, time management and many more.
  • Employee resource groups: Employee resource groups help build awareness, understanding, and mutual respect among coworkers and offer you an opportunity to continue developing by proving an opportunity for you to
    • Take on a leadership role and learn career-building skills
    • Network with senior management
    • Create change and share your expertise
  • Training academies: Training academies have a defined curriculum for both classroom and online coursework to target specific career areas such as trading and marketing.
  • Leadership training: Cargill offers many development opportunities for you to develop leadership skills including coaching, public speaking, building effective relationships, people skills and more.

Ability to Contribute

With ideas, energy and the ability to build effective global relationships, you can make a lasting contribution

Cargill volunteers

Every year, our employees and retirees around the world lend more than 100,000 hours of their time and talent to volunteer activities. Our people support our charitable giving efforts in alignment with our objective of helping to build sustainable communities where we live and work.

Collectively and individually, we build schools and homes, mentor and tutor youth, educate farmers, clean up shorelines, feed hungry people and support economic development. Employees and retirees volunteer on an individual basis, with their co-workers in team activities, and through the Cargill Cares Councils.

Through more than 300 employee-led Cargill Cares Councils around the world, our employees contribute thousands of volunteer hours and millions of charitable contributions that have a local impact.

High Caliber People

By working with some of the best people in their field, you'll become one of them

Cargill is full of exceptional people. Some work in labs, fields or kitchens. Others wear hard hats, crunch numbers, seal deals, research patents and invent new products. Some look for new ways to improve the foods you eat. Others are creating risk management, energy and industrial solutions. No matter where you find yourself within the Cargill family, you will encounter passionate people ready to share their knowledge and experience. We develop and promote a culture of respect so we can learn from each other, achieving more together than we ever could alone.

We’ve identified key capabilities and qualities, called the heart of leadership, that we seek, develop and expect from our people. These qualities are essential to build trust, enhance employee engagement and contribute to sustainable results: 

  • Integrity: It’s important for leaders to be honest, trustworthy and admit mistakes.
  • Conviction: With leadership also comes a strong vision that inspires other to rally around them and take action.
  • Courage: Our leaders are risk-takers. They face adversity with courage, challenge the status quo and champion new viewpoints.

Shared Pride

Taking pride in Cargill begins with us all taking pride in what we do

There’s a deep-seated sense of pride within Cargill – about our role in the world and the breadth of influence we have as a business. We know that our impact on the world begins with our actions as individuals.

Our vision

  • Our vision is intended to unite, challenge, and inspire everything we do. By embracing and acting on the following ideas, we will drive Cargill to achieve its vision for the future.
  • Our purpose is to be the global leader in nourishing people.
  • Our mission is to create distinctive value.
  • Our approach is to be trustworthy, creative and enterprising.
  • Our performance measures are: engaged employees, satisfied customers, enriched communities, and profitable growth.

Global Inclusion and Diversity

Why an inclusive culture matters and how we achieve it.